Growing Forward 2 Capacity Building & Implementation

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) applications and program guide for Producer Implementation funding assistance for GF2 are available:


Capacity Building Funding Assistance for Producers

Implementation Funding Assistance for Producers

The purpose of Growing Forward 2 Capacity Building funding assistance is to increase the ability of producers to anticipate, understand and plan for the demands, opportunities and risks facing their businesses.

Implementation Funding Assistance is designed to meet the needs of producers, and is the second and final component of funding assistance. Using a merit-based evaluation procedure, only the very best projects will receive cost-share.

Starting June 26, 2013, cost-share opportunities under Capacity Building are available on a continuous basis. Producers can access 50 percent cost-share towards projects under Capacity Building.

Intake 2 closes March 31, 2015.  The next intake for Implementation Funding for the 2015-16 year is expected to be announced in March 2015.

Capacity Building Areas of Focus

  1. Education, skills development and training
  2. Assessment/Audit, and
  3. Planning

Implementation Areas of Focus

  • A: Environmental and Climate Change
  • B: Assurance Systems (Food Safety, Traceability, and Animal Welfare)
  • C: Market Development
  • D: Animal and Plant Health
  • E: Labour Productivity Enhancement
  • F: Business and Leadership Development

Some Capacity Building Activities identified in the Program Guide have minimum requirements that must be satisfied.
Click herefor a list of minimum requirements.

Please note that some blank printed applications have an incorrect fax number for submitting applications.
If choosing to submit an application by fax, the correct fax number is: 519-826-4224.

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