2017 Grape Price Agreement Reached


2017 Grape Price Agreement reached with Grape Growers of Ontario, Wine Council of Ontario and Winery & Grower Alliance of Ontario

Niagara – September 6, 2017: The Grape Growers of Ontario, Wine Council of Ontario and Winery & Grower Alliance of Ontario have successfully negotiated a grape price agreement for the 2017 harvest. This agreement recognizes the various price categories within the industry, and includes an important proviso for both processors and producers to actively participate in developing a sustainable industry wide plan following harvest.   

“The constant in our industry is the consistent grape quality our growers produce every year to make 100% Ontario grown wine. This agreement recognizes that growers, with their wine partners, can work together to collectively build and strengthen our grape and wine industry’s future,” said Matthias Oppenlaender, Chair, Grape Growers of Ontario.

“WGAO members purchase some 85% of the grapes grown by independent farmers in Ontario for VQA and International Canadian Blend (ICB) wines, and we are very pleased that grape growers and processors have arrived at an agreement for grape prices in 2017,” stated Del Rollo, Chair, Winery & Grower Alliance of Ontario.

“I’m pleased we were able to reach an agreement on grape pricing for the 2017 harvest. The agreement provides price certainty, which will help wineries plan and potentially grow their businesses,” said Len Pennachetti, Chair, Wine Council of Ontario.

Ontario’s grape and wine industry is a significant economic driver to the provincial economy which contributes over $4.4 billion economic impact through jobs, tourism and taxes, particularly in the province’s designated viticulture areas: Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County, Lake Erie North Shore, and the emerging South Coast region.


Click here to view the base grape prices for 2017. A full pre-harvest package will be emailed to all grape growers and available on eGrape next week.