OMAFRA Irrigation Update

June 25, 2016 | ONfruit
by Rebecca Shortt, Engineer, Water Quantity, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Irrigation Update
The month of May and the first 3 weeks of June have been extremely dry (<40% of avg rainfall).  The areas of Niagara and Peterborough are of particular concern because of lengthy dry conditions through the entire spring (since March 1st) and stretching back through 2015.
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Grape Irrigation - Both art and science
It’s a delicate dance to get just the right amount of water on grape vines at this time of year.  Water is crucial for cell division and the rapid berry growth occurring.  However, too much water can cause too much vegetative growth.

What is deficit irrigation?
How to calculate the length of time to run my drip system each day?
How much water do I need to apply?
How long do I need to run my drip system?
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