Best Management Practices for Minimizing Noise Complaints

February 11, 2016

Wind machines have been shown to provide protection during extreme cold weather. However, some neighbours may be disturbed by the noise produced. Here are some neighbourly Best Management Practices for wind machine operation:

  • Explain to neighbours living within 125 m of a machine how and why wind machines operate; consider providing a copy of the OMAFRA factsheet (link below).
  • Consider creating an early warning system to remind neighbours about possible wind machine use. Give neighbours a 24 hour cell phone number to call.
  • Set machines closest to the neighbours to be the last on and the first off.
  • Be diligent operating wind machines on farms where you do not live, as you are not always there to hear if and how they operate.

For more information on Wind Machine operation and Best Management Practices please consult your wind machine distributor and OMAFRA Factsheet Wind Machines for Minimizing Cold Injury to Horticultural Crops, H. Fraser, June 2010