Kevin Buis - Thank you to a Grape King

As Kevin Buis' reign as Grape King comes to an end, the Grape Growers of Ontario thank Kevin, his wife Jacqueline and family for being outstanding ambassadors for the industry over the past year.

Kevin is featured on LCBO's website this month:

Grape King Kevin Buis of Glenlake Vineyards

We went to the king of Ontario wine country to find out about the state of grape growing in southern Ontario, how we got here and where we're going.

Q: What does your crown and title mean?

The Grape King is a title handed out by the Grape Growers of Ontario. They've been doing it for 60-odd years. It's an ambassador for the industry — it's not political, or anything — you're just the face of the growers for the year, but it's nice because you're recognized by your peers. My brother won it 27 years ago and there's been some fathers and sons win, but I think we're the first brothers.

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