Business as usual for PEC wineries


It is business as usual for Prince Edward County (PEC) wineries despite recent severe weather.

Vineyard planting began in the late 1990’s in the County and, despite an occasionally challenging microclimate, PEC wineries have flourished producing award winning world class wines vintage after vintage. In the aftermath of the severe cold incident early Saturday morning it is heartening to see the County wine industry rally. Today there are over 40 wineries with doors wide open ready to offer a diverse range of wines and visitor experiences. 

“Last weekend’s weather was the coldest on record for several decades” said Kathleen Greenaway, Chair of the Prince Edward Winegrowers Association, “but we’re farmers and we manage whatever mother nature chooses to dish out.

The extent of the damage to this year’s crop will not be known for some time but already there are signs of recovery. We remain confident that our winegrowers will produce the fine quality of wine in 2015 that visitors to the County have come to expect. In the meantime, it’s business as usual.”

The Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association represents more than 30 winegrowers in Ontario’s fastest growing designated viticultural area.

 For more information, please contact Kathleen Greenaway, Chair, Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association
at 1-416-710-0077 or